On July 15, 2020, accidentally I came in contact with a COVID positive. On July 20 I and my family were quarantined by the government authorities. It is natural that it was a time of terror. Confusions, questions, and negative thoughts were haunting me. There was no hope except prayer and trust in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. This was also the time of great support from my relatives in Christ. All were earnestly praying for me and for my family. My children are below 10 years old and that was the reason for great concern. I received more prayers and blessings from those who met me before my isolation…ha…ha. They knew that their well being depended on my well being. Government authorities informed me that if I or any family member feel any symptom (fever or breathlessness), I must immediately inform them. I am thankful to them for their care and concern. On the second day of my quarantine (on July 21, 2020), I got a very important call from one of my relatives. He requested that I must pray for him because his wife was diagnosed as COVID positive and the next day his own report will come. He was saying that since he was in close contact with her, he can’t escape from this virus if God will not perform a miracle. I told him to close his eyes and pray with me. We both prayed together and hoped for God’s protection. I am saying honestly that I was terrified but had some faith in God’s ability to protect me and my relatives. I didn’t share with him that even I myself was struggling with a similar situation. I don’t know whether it was coincidence or God’s timing but now as I look back, I praise Jesus for His marvelous deeds in my life. The second day I got a call from that relative and he was rejoicing and praising God for the miracle. He said that it was next to impossible to be COVID negative but he is. He thanked me for the prayer. 

This experience of my relative encouraged me to trust the Lord Jesus Christ. I was thinking that because of his faith and my prayer if he can escape from this virus, why not me? I and my wife kept on praying. Even children were praying and they were asking some innocent and interesting questions related to Corona. In this tough time, my wife also encouraged a lot to me as she usually does in the time of trouble. These days we were having more vegetable soups as Dr. Sanjeev Kumar’s video suggested to us. On July 28, 2020, our quarantine period was over and none of us was affected by this virus. I don’t have words to give thanks to the Lord. I am already an extra careful man and now I am super extra careful but above all, only the Lord Jesus Christ can protect me and my family. Lord turned my trauma into testimony. Praise God. 


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